Set the Scene, this can be described as the pre-prompt stage. By setting the scene beforehand, you provide an AI model with a clear framework and highlight the key attributes you wish to emphasize in your prompt. This approach helps guide the AI’s response and ensures that the generated prompt aligns with the desired criteria and expectations.

You may often find that the AI does not adhere to your instructions. Using a pre-prompt approach allows you to ask the AI to confirm that it is Ready, Willing & Able.

A suitable way to put this could be: Provided the instructions are clear please tell me: “I am fully cognizant of the instructions in ‘setting the scene’ and I am ready for the full prompt.” Also tell me if any aspect is unclear.


Whilst we suggest you run topic centric Chats in the event that you have found a really helpful AI it is often useful to say:

Please forget all prior prompts.