Prompt Examples.

In order to ‘assist you‘ in running and iterating your own prompts here is a list of some prompts in this Lesson without answers.!

  • Prompt: Can you suggest some good movies released prior to September 2021
  • Prompt: Can you suggest 5 good comedy movies released prior to September 2021
  • Prompt: Can you suggest 5 good comedy movies released between 2019 and 2020

Closed-Ended Prompts

  • Prompt 1: “Provide a concise explanation of the Turing test and its significance in the field of artificial intelligence. How does it assess a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior?”
  • Prompt 2: “Name three programming languages commonly used for web development and briefly describe their primary advantages and use cases.”
  • Prompt 3:”List the four fundamental forces of nature and provide a brief description of each force and its role in the universe.”
  • Prompt 4: “Identify five key components of a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) and explain the function of each component in processing and executing instructions.”
  • Prompt 5:”Name three influential scientists or researchers who made significant contributions to the field of quantum mechanics and briefly describe one of their notable discoveries.”

Keyword Extraction, Query Expansion & Paraphrasing

Keyword Extraction: – helps identify the main focus of a question.

  • Prompt: “Tell me about organic pest control methods for vegetable gardens.”
  • Prompt: “Explain the process of composting and its benefits for soil health.”
  • Prompt: “Discuss the importance of sunlight and proper watering for successful plant growth.”
  • Prompt: “Describe the best practices for pruning fruit trees to maximize yield.”
  • Prompt: “Share tips for preventing and treating common plant diseases in a garden.”

Query Expansion: – broadens the scope of the query.

  • Prompt: “What are effective natural remedies for keeping pests away from vegetable gardens?”
  • Prompt: “Can you provide insights on utilizing composting techniques to improve soil fertility?”
  • Prompt: “How does sunlight exposure and optimal watering routines impact the growth of different plant varieties in gardens?”
  • Prompt: “What are the recommended techniques for pruning fruit trees to increase fruit production and maintain tree health?”
  • Prompt: “Could you suggest preventive measures and remedies for common plant diseases encountered in gardens?”

Paraphrasing: – provides alternative ways to express a prompt.

  • Prompt: “I’d like to learn about eco-friendly methods to control pests in a vegetable garden.”
  • Prompt: “Can you explain the benefits of composting and how it contributes to nurturing healthy soil in gardening?”
  • Prompt: “I’m interested in understanding the significance of sunlight and proper watering practices for achieving thriving plants in gardens.”
  • Prompt: “What are the expert-recommended approaches for trimming fruit trees to optimize fruit yield and keep them in good shape?”
  • Prompt: “Do you have any advice on dealing with typical plant diseases that gardeners often encounter?”


ChatGPT is familiar with USDA Zones, these can be applied globally (to an extent). Using a USDA Zone pre-prompt will provide results more attuned to your specific location.

A further example of Keyword Extraction, Query Expansion & Paraphrasing on the subject of the French Revolution highlights the differences in the composition of suitable prompts:

  • Keyword Extraction Example:
  • Prompt: “What are the most important facts about the history of the French Revolution?”
  • Query Expansion Example:
  • Prompt: “What were the major causes and effects of the French Revolution?”
  • Paraphrasing Example:
  • Prompt: “What led to the French Revolution and what were the consequences?”
  • Keyword Extraction Example:
  • Prompt: “What do we know about the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution?”
  • Query Expansion Example:
  • Prompt: “What political, social and economic conditions led to the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution?”
  • Paraphrasing Example:
  • Prompt: “Can you provide information on the historical period known as the Reign of Terror in the context of the French Revolution? Specifically, I’m interested in understanding the factors and circumstances, whether political, social, or economic, that contributed to the occurrence of the Reign of Terror.” *

* You will no doubt note the use of punctuation in this prompt designed to focus the AI on a very precise set of parameters. The first part to the question mark sets the scene. The Specifically, then begins the process of iteration focusing the AI on the factors and circumstances. These are set in the context of political, social, or economic. Finally the sub-event is The Reign of Terror set in the overall context of the entire prompt. This is sometimes described as a one-shot prompt where you are attempting to extract the maximum of information. This is relevant at this time given the message restrictions for ChatGPT4.

Explicit And Implicit Prompts:

  • Explicit prompt: “Write a product description for a sky blue suit, 100 words.”
  • Implicit prompt: “Write a story about a blue suit”
  • Prompt: Can you please tell me a story about a blue suit? Temperature=0.8
  • Prompt: Can you please tell me a story about a blue suit? Temperature=0.2

Active Voice

  • Prompt: Explain the benefits of effective team collaboration in driving innovation and problem-solving.
  • Prompt: Provide strategies for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalized experiences.
  • Prompt: List the Key factors for successful project management and timely delivery of deliverables.
  • Prompt: Describe Techniques for enhancing employee engagement and fostering a positive work culture.
  • Prompt: Explain advantages of data-driven decision-making in optimizing business performance.
  • Prompt: Describe the role of effective leadership in inspiring and motivating high-performing teams.
  • Prompt: List the best practices for managing change and navigating organizational transitions.
  • Prompt: Address the significance of continuous learning and professional development in career growth.
  • Prompt: Explain the importance of transparent communication in building trust and credibility with stakeholders.
  • Prompt: Describe ways to leverage digital marketing channels for expanding brand reach and driving customer acquisition.

Passive Voice

  • Prompt: Detail measures taken to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.
  • Prompt: Describe efforts made to streamline internal processes and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Prompt: Justify investments made in research and development to drive product innovation.
  • Prompt: Estimate the impact of effective supply chain management on cost optimization and customer satisfaction.
  • Prompt: Describe the role of corporate social responsibility initiatives in promoting sustainable business practices.
  • Prompt: Detail measures taken to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity in times of crisis.
  • Prompt: Describe the implementation of quality control measures to maintain high product standards.
  • Prompt: Describe efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and foster a culture of belonging.
  • Prompt: Justify the adoption of lean methodologies to optimize resource allocation and minimize waste.

Irony, Idioms and Sarcasm.

  • Prompt example: “please create a 100 word funny dialogue between two characters in the line at a coffee shop, incorporating idioms and sarcasm to add humour to their conversation.”
  • Prompt: “Write a 75 word short story with an unexpected twist, using irony to reveal the true nature of the protagonist.”
  • Prompt: Write a 75 word opinion piece using irony and sarcasm to critique a ‘opposition to AI’ challenging prevailing beliefs that ‘the end is nigh’.
  • Prompt: Write a 75 word blog post with an ironic twist, using idioms and sarcasm to discuss common challenges faced by “millennials in the workplace.”


  • Prompt example: “Write 75 words of an essay analyzing the use of science fiction allusions in a contemporary novel, exploring their symbolic significance and impact on the story. Do not use the actual word allusion.”
  • Prompt example: “Write a 75 word summary of a short story where the main character embarks on a journey, incorporating allusions to Norse mythology to highlight dangers and challenges along the way. Do not use the actual word allusion.”
  • Prompt example: “Write a 75 word summary of a persuasive speech advocating for environmental conservation, incorporating allusions to the eradication of species over the last 100 years to emphasize the importance of preserving our natural world. Do not use the actual word allusion.”
  • Prompt example: “Write a 75 word summary of a satirical article discussing the absurdity of celebrity politicians, incorporating allusions to Greek gods and goddesses to highlight the exaggerated idolization and larger-than-life personas.”