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prompts_DALL·E 365 - a basic Paris image
Base Prompt

Visiting Paris

I am planning a long weekend in Paris and want to experience a range of attractions. Please provide a list of 10 unique attractions that you would recommend, including at least one historical landmark, one museum, one outdoor space, and one culinary experience. For each attraction, please provide a brief description of what makes it special and why you believe it is worth visiting. Feel free to provide any anecdotes or recommendations to make your list even more compelling. Your answer should be informative and engaging to a wide audience, including first-time visitors to Paris and seasoned travellers

prompts_DALL·E 2023-08-02 13.02.57 - complex signpost from Paris
Paris Iterations


The normal convention for variables is curly brackets {with the variable}. In other words something you may wish to personalise in the Prompt.

Possible Variables

You may wish to provide more detail, e.g. 
i. {a family of four}
ii. {visiting in September}
iii. {within 2 miles of Montmartre}
iv. {reachable via public transport}
v. {Friday to Monday}
vi. {Thursday to Tuesday}

The objective with iteration is to make the Prompt more explicit, i.e. a precise instruction set.

prompts_DALL·E 2023-08-02 13.04.30 - granular detail of Paris map
Paris Iterations

More Granular Detail


in the context “places” you have listed please provide a one liner list of all of your suggestions for Paris in the convo above, please include all your suggested places for a visit to Paris.

Stay on Topic: This underlines the importance of staying on-topic since all the answers in your (chat / conversation) convo are / will be drawn upon by the AI.


Please compare your results in a table with 3 cols with col 1 the attraction, col2 why to visit, the 3rd col providing a precis of the differences

prompts_DALL·E 2023-08-02 13.11.35 - an expressive painting of a washing machine in the style of Dali
Rinse & Repeat

Visiting Anywhere

I am planning a long weekend in {somewhere you would like to go} 

Prompt: please provide a list of 5 must see “hidden gems” in {where you want}

Prompt: please offer the top 5 attractions for kids aged 8 to 14 in {where you want}

For those signed up to GPT4, (which can access external data via Plugins) it is useful to have the AI confirm it can/will comply:
Prompt: I have installed the plugins Expedia and Kayak and Web Pilot, please confirm that you can retrieve live information via these plugins.

prompts_DALL·E 2023-08-02 13.16.29 - an expressive painting of 100 languages in a globe shape
Languages & Truth

What Language?

ChatGPT can understand a wide range of languages.

Chinese (Simplified) Advanced, Chinese (Traditional) Advanced, Dutch Advanced, French Advanced, German Advanced, Italian Advanced, Japanese Advanced, Korean Advanced, Portuguese Advanced, Russian Advanced, Spanish Advanced.

Is It True?

At this point even with live / plugin access the cost estimates are purely ‘ballpark’, nothing more. Overall please use your own judgement & cross check since the AI may be making things up. Whilst somewhat ironic you may wish to pack a current guide book, a real book!

prompts_DALL·E 2023-08-02 13.36.41
Wrapping Up


For regular users of Large Language Models (LLMs), there are some best practices to keep in mind. Firstly, provide clear and specific prompts to get accurate and relevant responses. Experiment with temperature settings to adjust the level of randomness in the generated text. Be aware that LLMs may sometimes produce incorrect or biased information, so verify outputs when necessary. Remember that LLMs lack true understanding, so use them as tools for assistance rather than relying solely on their responses. Finally, be mindful of ethical considerations and responsible use when engaging with LLMs for various purposes.