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Prompt Engineering Essentials

Course Description

Learn the craft of AI conversation in our ‘Prompt Engineering Essentials Course.’ Ideal for beginners, this course equips you with the fundamental principles of crafting effective prompts for large language models. Through engaging, hands-on lessons, learn to guide AI responses, improving user interaction, and driving meaningful dialogue. Start your journey towards mastering the art and science of prompt engineering today.

Introduction to Prompt Engineering

The Personal Rubric Basics

This Course is comprised of two primary Lessons each containing 5 topics. Lesson 1 is intended to provide you with background on the large language model. Lesson 2 is intended to offer further details that are a useful basis for proceeding.

Please note that with regard to GPT4 and the use of plugins that this functionality only came available on March 23rd 2023. The results can be somewhat haphazard as some of the plugins move from alpha to beta.