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Our courses: Essential, Basic and Median are FREE. Our first course: Prompt Engineering Essentials will help introduce you to the topic. Our next level of courses are in development so we would like to appraise you of their availability when completed. Simply provide your email via our contact form. Our outgoing email frequency is circa once a month, at most. We do not sell / trade / give away your email. In reality we may not email you at all.

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Prompt Engineering Essentials. Unlock Prompt Engineering's Secrets: Discover the Most Sought-After Knowledge and Skills in our Cutting-Edge Course Catalogue. Join the Pioneers of Innovation and Propel Your Engineering Career to New Heights with our Popular Courses. All our materials revolve around OpenAI's ChatGPT. Where we use Playground or ChatGPT4 this will be noted in any Prompt or AI Answer example we provide for you.