The Next Level

At This Level

At this level we covered:
Prompt Engineering Essentials
Prompt Engineering Basic Tutorial
Prompt Engineering Median Tutorial

This is only the beginning

The Next Level

We are working on the Courses for the next level, loosely described as Advanced, Expert and Master. The range of topics will most likely include:

  • Power words & their semantic use to deliver clarity and specificity, influence and persuasion & creativity and imagination
  • The use of Hyponyms in constructing prompts to make them more specific, detailed, and contextually rich.
  • The syntax could look like this: “{Power Word} you are a/an {Hyponym}. {Further instruction or question}.”
  • Talking to the algorithms
  • Word Clusters & their dimensional positioning in vector terms
  • Action Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Contextual Words, Domain-specific Terms, Question Words all set in a power word/ Hyponym context
  • Leading on to Euclidean distances between word vectors
  • Leading on to high-dimensional space / vectors
  • Geometric relationships, as they refer to the spatial relationships between vectors in the high-dimensional space
  • Stemming and lemmatization