Final Words

Final Words

The field is so vast and developing at such a pace that we are all running to keep up.
Even the AI’s.

Effective prompt engineering enables us to shape the tone, style, and outcomes of our conversations with language models. However, it’s essential to remember that prompt engineering requires practice, experimentation, and knowledge of the model’s capabilities.

Prompt engineering holds the potential to elevate human-machine interactions, fostering productivity, knowledge sharing, and engagement. The exciting possibilities of language models offer us the opportunity to free ourselves from the most boring and repetitive tasks.

Whilst there is a degree of alarm and hyperbole related to jobs and ethical risks my own personal opinion is that it would be a major advance for human civilisation if the AI was running Government and not the other way around.

Things move along so rapidly nowadays that people saying: “It can’t be done,”
are always being interrupted by somebody doing it. (“Puck” magazine 1902)

Des Donnelly, Co. Tyrone, Ireland. June 2023.