Best Practice Tips

You may find that varying any of your prompts will lead to different results. In some cases the AI may make a mistake. It is important to always correct AI mistakes. Regenerated answers will often contain an entirely different set of answers.

Above all, corrections should always start with No, that is not correct, you’ve made a mistake and then detail the mistake.

When the AI makes a mistake it is good practice to review your prompt for clarity. In this context it is often beneficial to use punctuation to aid in the AI’s understanding.

Best Practice – Consider Your Own Role

The prompt engineer’s ‘own role’ is an important consideration. What is the user context. Choosing words that accurately articulate the ‘user context’ in the prompt will help ensure relevant answers.

  • Client related prompts
  • Organisational related prompts
  • Personal prompts
  • Technical-related prompts
  • Product-related prompts
  • Financial-related prompts
  • Support-related prompts
  • Creative Writing prompts
  • Educational prompts
  • Scientific prompts
  • Philosophical prompts

These are just a few examples to give you an idea of the various categories of prompts that can arise in different contexts. The specific categories and prompts may vary depending on the industry, organization, or individual circumstances.

Scientific prompts or Philosophical prompts

  • “Discuss the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems.”
  • “Explain the theory of relativity proposed by Albert Einstein.”
  • “Describe the process of mitosis and its importance in cell division.”
  • “Discuss the potential applications of gene editing technology.”
  • “Explain the concept of gravitational waves and their detection.”
  • Discuss the ethical implications of artificial intelligence.”
  • “Explain the concept of free will and its relationship with determinism.”
  • “Argue for or against the existence of extraterrestrial life.”
  • “Discuss the philosophical perspectives on the nature of consciousness.”
  • “Explain the concept of utilitarianism and its criticisms.”

Best Practice – Build Your Own Prompt Library

There is a considerable amount of work in creating, iterating and polishing your prompts. We suggest that it is beneficial to use a note-taking app or Excel or Sheets for ‘your prompt library’.

Note-taking Apps

  • Apple Notes for Apple users
  • Google Keep for Google power users
  • Joplin for an Evernote alternative
  • Microsoft OneNote for a free note-taking app
  • Notion for collaboration
  • Obsidian for power note-takers

The principal benefit of using Excel or Sheets is that you can have the fixed elements of your prompts in specific columns. It is then possible to use the concatenate function to combine the fixed and the variables into a single prompt.